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Safety tips from Hotmail

Posted by EnglishMovieMagics Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Simple ways to help protect your Hotmail account.
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Add another layer of security
Hotmail® account recovery helps reduce the risk of getting locked out of your account. You can add a mobile number or an alternative email address to your account, or set your PC as a trusted device to recover your password.
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Tips to protect your account
Help keep your Hotmail account safe: make sure you change your password regularly and avoid harmful emails by using your Reading pane to see what's in a message without having to open it.
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Navigate your inbox more safely
Hotmail helps you distinguish between genuine emails and cleverly disguised spam. When you see the trusted sender icon, you know Hotmail has already certified that the message is from a legitimate institution, and isn't a harmful phishing scam.
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Mark as safe or junk
You can decide whether to allow or block future messages from certain email addresses or domains. By classifying your messages as safe or junk, you can help reduce spam while helping ensure that you'll continue to receive the messages you want.
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Hotmail uses Microsoft® SmartScreen® Technology to help keep your inbox clean of unwanted messages.
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