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Keep your Hotmail inbox clean

Posted by EnglishMovieMagics Monday, October 10, 2011

Easy ways to keep your inbox organised and clutter-free.
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Keep the junk email out
Hotmail® uses Microsoft® SmartScreen® Technology to help keep your inbox clean of unwanted messages. The smart filter recognises new spam techniques as they develop and helps keep junk out of your inbox.
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Sweep your inbox clean
As you receive messages, use Sweep to keep important mail prominent by filtering out unwanted messages, applying the same action to multiple emails and more—helping to ensure your inbox is clean and tidy.
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View messages by conversations
Hotmail gives you the option to track your messages by conversation. You'll be able to group and see everyone's email replies together in one view so you can see the whole conversation at a glance.
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Use your quick views
Check out quick views to see messages across your Hotmail account—no matter which folder they're in.
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